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TriStar Home Cleaning Systems can only be purchased from Authorized TriStar Distributors. Don't make the mistake of purchasing your TriStar through an unauthorized source or over the Internet.

Below are some of the risks associated with buying from an unauthorized source or over the Internet

Tristar Manufacturer and its Authorized Distributors only honors warranties on Tristars purchased from an Authorized Tristar source and not over the internet.

To help ensure you receive Quality Tristar Parts and Supplies always look for the term Authorized Tristar Dealer. The Tristar limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from services performed by any person other than an Authorized Tristar Distributor.

Many times a unit advertised as "new" is actually used or you may end up with a defective unit that has had non-factory Parts, Bags and Filters installed or has water damage. These can lead to future service problems you will not discover until it is too late.

If a warranty is offered by an unauthorized source you will often be required to pack up the unit and return it to them. This is a costly and time-consuming project with no guarantee that repairs will be properly performed.

We hope this information will assist you in making a wise decision when purchasing your Tristar.